Crows clean up

Inger, R., Per, E., Cox, D.T.C. & Gaston, K.J. 2016. Key role in ecosystem functioning of scavengers reliant on a single common species. Scientific Reports 6, 29641.IMG_0184

The importance of species richness in maintaining ecosystem function in the field remains unclear.Recent studies however have suggested that in some systems functionality is maintained by a few abundant species. Here we determine this relationship by quantifying the species responsible for a key ecosystem role, carcass removal by scavengers. We find that, unlike those within largely unaltered environments, the scavenger community within our highly altered system is dominated by a single species, the Carrion crow, despite the presence of a number of other scavenging species. Furthermore, we find no relationship between abundance of crows and carcass removal. However, the overall activity of crows predicts carcass biomass removal rate in an asymptotic manner, suggesting that a relatively low level of abundance and scavenging activity is required to maintain this component of ecosystem function.