New papers


Booth, J.E., Gaston, K.J., Evans, K.L. & Armsworth, P.R. 2011. The value of species rarity in biodiversity recreation: a birdwatching example. Biological Conservation 144, 2728-2732.

We determine the relationship between the rarity of species and their value for wildlife viewing recreation. We document the significance of rare birds in drawing increasing numbers of visitors, but also the apparent failure of protected area managers to capitalise on the opportunities for revenue raising and education.

Dallimer, M., Tang, Z., Bibby, P.R., Brindley, P., Gaston, K.J. & Davies, Z.G. 2011. Temporal changes in greenspace in a highly urbanised region. Biology Letters 7, 763-766.

We document the impact of national level planning policy on temporal patterns in the extent of greenspace in cities.

Edmondson, J.L., Davies, Z.G., McCormack, S.A., Gaston, K.J. & Leake, J.R. 2011. Are soils in urban ecosystems compacted? A citywide analysis. Biology Letters 7, 771-774.

We show that, across a typical UK city, urban soils are in better physical condition than agricultural soils and can contribute significantly to ecosystem service provision.